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  1. Don’t Keep a Diary. By Maggie Lange. Zadie Smith. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images. It’s a calming joy to hear advice that requires no significant changes to our lives in either a day-to-day way or in a grand, big-picture sense. We Tested 42 (and counting) Actually Kind of Stylish Fabric Face Masks We checked for fit, comfort.
  2. Nov 10,  · Diary Lyrics: If I told you I wanted to talk to you / You know, you think I'm tryna holla at you / And maybe I am but / You wouldn't hear me out anyway's would you? / Rather lose love than to.
  3. Sep 04,  · 6 Solid Reasons Why You Should Keep A Diary. Junie Rutkevich. Past records are all that we have to go on when we want to know history. If they incorrect the results can be disastrous. You don’t have to count grams of protein. Just make sure the protein you eat is about the size of the palm of your hand at every meal, and you’ll be.
  4. Jan 08,  · How to keep a diary: We all know the traditional way of creating a diary entry. You buy a lined book with an empty (or filled) date field, and use it as a place to record your feelings, thoughts, fears, failings, triumphs and day-to-day events that shape your life.
  5. Jan 19,  · How to Keep a Diary and Stick to It. Keeping a diary or journal is a great way to express your emotions on paper and treasure experiences. Years from now, you'll wonder what you were doing years ago. A diary will remind you of the good - 86%().
  6. Sep 22,  · Diary entries are normally associated with the teenage years, scrawling down passages about you and your friends or your latest crush. However, diaries are not just for the besotted teenager – carry on reading if you’re interested in the traits of successful people who keep a regular diary.
  7. No. I hated it whenever we had to write a travel diary or some shit like that during school trips. I always got reprimanded or even bad grades because I didn't do it or just scribbled down two half-assed sentences per day. Other people can do whatever they want, but to me they're stupid. I don't see any benefits of doing so.
  8. Jan 27,  · When I was 13, I won a five-year diary in a Puffin Club competition. I could not have been happier. It had a scarlet and green psychedelic cover and a little lock with a gold key.

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