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  1. Mar 08,  · March 8, referencing Dirty Sticky Floors, 12", Single, Promo, PRO-A The Lexicon Avenue Vocal reigns supreme. A dark, progressive, and moody vocal affair that still gets its fair share of rotations/5().
  2. Lyrics to 'Dirty Sticky Floors' by Dave Gahan. Waiting for the last time For my friend to change my mind Waiting for the last drop Seems like a long, long time Maybe I should go back home.
  3. Classic we never heard at a club. From GU Disc 1 Sasha Ibiza One of the best discs from start to »».
  4. “Dirty Sticky Floors” is the first solo single by Depeche Mode vocalist Dave Gahan and is the lead track on his debut album, Paper Monsters. It was .
  5. Jul 13,  · When using a mop to clean a floor you wet the mop in a bucket, wring it out, mop the floor and then put it back in the bucket. The mop is immediately contaminated with dirty water and you use that dirty water to mop the next section of the floor. The floor gets dirtier, and the sticky adheres to the dirt.
  6. Dirty water will cause a floor to be sticky. There are several alternative options to the traditional mop and bucket that can reduce or even completely remove dirty water from your floor cleaning. Mops made from microfiber hold onto dirt much more effectively. There are also mop bucket options that keep the clean and dirty water separate.
  7. "The song is all about the so-called glamorous side of Rock 'n' Roll, and ending up on some dirty sticky floor every single night, some god-awful toilet in some club or - most of the time - my own dirty sticky floor in my own bathroom.
  8. This single "Dirty Sticky Floors" hasn't broke through on radio yet but is a huge club single. The Mixes included are by Junkie XL,The Pasengerz,Lexicon Avenue and Silencer. The Junkie XL Vocal Mix() is a great trance/ house mix. The Passengerz Dirty Club Vocal Mix() is the one most clubs will be playing/5(10).

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