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  1. Decay definition is - to undergo decomposition. How to use decay in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of decay.
  2. Synonyms: decay, rot, decompose, putrefy, spoil, molder, disintegrate These verbs refer to the gradual process by which something breaks down or falls apart as a result of natural causes.
  3. to become gradually damaged, worse, or less; to cause something to do this: Sugar makes your teeth decay. The role of the extended family has been decaying for some time. Pollution has decayed the .
  4. decay definition: Decay is defined as rotted matter or the state of rotting, deteriorating or declining. (noun) An example of decay is what has happened to an old abandoned building.
  5. Synonyms & Antonyms of decay (Entry 1 of 2) 1 a gradual sinking and wasting away of mind or body middle-aged people who fervently hope that daily exercise will arrest the physical decay that usually accompanies advancing age.
  6. EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR DECAY She was aware of the creeping fret, the poisons and obstructions of decay. To get it all you must live there, to be interpenetrated by its glory of decay. Old age and decay, bad enough in themselves, we intensify by our habits of mind.
  7. Decay allows Tomura to destroy anything his hands or feet touch, making it crumble to dust. Tomura's disintegration spreading through a crowd of individuals. Whether the target is organic or not, Decay will work without fail. As such, this Quirk is extremely lethal against living beings, having their flesh rot Anime Debut: Episode

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