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  1. clone: [noun] the aggregate of genetically identical cells or organisms asexually produced by or from a single progenitor cell or organism. an individual grown from a single somatic cell or cell nucleus and genetically identical to it. a group of replicas of all or part of a macromolecule and especially DNA.
  2. clone (klōn) n. 1. A group of cells or organisms that are descended from and genetically identical to a single progenitor, such as a bacterial colony whose members arose from a single original cell. 2. An organism developed asexually from another and genetically identical to it, such as an animal produced from an egg cell into which the nucleus of an.
  3. Clone definition at kaforsumatmelut.isbronmatpaddnerlucatortelesinccons.co, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!
  4. Clone, cell or organism that is genetically identical to the original cell or organism from which it is derived. The word clone originates from the ancient Greek klon, meaning “twig.” Many unicellular organisms, such as bacteria and yeasts, are clones of parent cells generated by either binary.
  5. clone [klōn] 1. the genetically identical progeny produced by the natural or artificial asexual reproduction of a single organism, cell, or gene, such as plant cuttings, a cell culture descended from a single cell, or genes reproduced by recombinant DNA technology. 2. to establish or produce such a line of progeny. adj., adj clo´nal. In a lamb.
  6. 43 synonyms of clone from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 46 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for clone.
  7. May 18,  · How to Clone a Hard Drive. If you need to migrate your data or are looking to keep a backup handy, you can clone your hard drive. Here's how to do it in Windows and on a Mac.
  8. A key feature of the software is the ability to clone a large disk to a smaller SSD drive. Sectors and partitions are copied over, along with key files such as kaforsumatmelut.isbronmatpaddnerlucatortelesinccons.co, NTLDR, BCD, kaforsumatmelut.isbronmatpaddnerlucatortelesinccons.co Author: Jonas Demuro.
  9. Nov 17,  · Created by Adam Chase. With Jonathan Pryce, Stuart McLoughlin, Mark Gatiss, Fiona Glascott. It centres on the creation and education of the world's first human clone/10().

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